7 Best React UI Frameworks and Component Libraries You Should Know in 2023

Are you find it challenging to create user interfaces for your React application?

You need to adopt a reliable framework to help create a great-looking interface for your React application.

To make it easy for you, we’ve curated the list of the best 7 React UI frameworks in 2023 and their features to make a better selection for your business needs.

What is ReactJS?

ReactJS is one of the best JavaScript frameworks in 2023 that is solely responsible for building a rich User Interface (UI) for your business applications.

React is a client-side JavaScript library, which runs on the client/user’s machine in the browser instead of on a server. React library enables you to create enterprise-grade web applications that can change or synchronise your data without reloading the page.

We all know that ReactJS helps you create a simple as well as complex UI library for your application, so it comes with major features of ReactJS that make your work easier.

  • Builds dynamic application faster
  • Improves React app performance to a great extent
  • Reusable components make your app build faster
  • Strictly follows unidirectional data flow
  • Small learning curve
  • Debugging process made easier by using dedicated UI tools

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What is React Component UI Framework?

React is a robust front-end development framework that enables you to design and build a robust user interface for your business web app. The good part of React UI framework is that it allows you to easily build web and mobile app development.

Moreover, it allows you to perform integrations with other leading JavaScript libraries and frameworks. The React component libraries’ primary goal is to enhance React applications’ performance due to their flexibility and higher modularity expectations.

Top 7 React UI Frameworks For 2023

After exploring the basic concept of React UI framework, its time to jump right into the list of best 7 React UI frameworks in 2023.

  1. React Bootstrap

    React Bootstrap is the most-popular and trending front-end development framework that is rebuilt for React application.

    React Bootstrap plays an essential role for different app developers working on the same application using the same application at the same time. The good part of React Bootstrap is that it comes up with React libraries typically equipped into the Bootstrap core, making it easy for performing back-end designing and front-end prototyping.

    This feature-rich React framework is actively responsible for controlling the overall look and feel of the React component library introduced in your React application. With its Bootstrap environment, you can quickly adjust the app, plugin, and theme as per user preferences using an appropriate component library.

    So, we can say that React Bootstrap is a key part of ReactJS development.

    1. How to install React Bootstrap in your React application?
    2. You’ll just need npm installed in your system and you are good to go with React Bootstrap by passing the following command.

    3. npm install react-bootstrap bootstrap
    4. The above command demonstrates that you can easily customize the Bootstrap Sass files, or you’re not using a CDN for the stylesheet, it may be helpful to install vanilla Bootstrap as well.

    Top Features of React Bootstrap

    • You can efficiently perform the implementation of different Bootstrap components using React application
    • Your application is not dependent on either jQuery or Bootstrap.js
    • You’ll require direct manipulation of DOM for every event or method change of ReactJS application
    • You’ll require direct manipulation of virtual DOM for every event or method change of ReactJS application
    • State management is made easier with React BootStrap
  2. Material UI (MUI)

    Material UI has successfully gained the position of one of the best UI frameworks for React.js that efficiently performs React integration with Google’s Material Design system.

    With the help of this React UI component framework, it becomes quite easy for you to handle an array of React UI component libraries and tools for your React app. Moreover, this best UI framework of React is responsible for making it a one-stop resource for building and shipping the latest features.

    MUI is a leading React framework for UI that comes up with production-ready and custom React components and React UI libraries, mainly divided into four essential products.

    • MUI Core (foundational components of MUI)
    • MUI X (advanced MUI components)
    • Templates (pre-designed UI layouts)
    • Design Kits (React-based UI toolkit for customizing MUI components).

    Last but not least, MUI comes up with a list of powerful theming tools, Material Design, and templates, so such ReactUI components rely on your business needs and how you want to set a custom color theme for your app.

    Top Features of Material UI

    • The framework is perfectly compatible with different styling systems as per your business needs.
    • You’ll get a complete access to pre-built components like icons, dialogs, typography, grids, etc for your React applications.
    • Customizable themes are available that makes your work even more easier.
    • The framework’s comes up with frequent updates that shows latest features.
    • Detailed documentation and extensive active community support.
  3. React Redux

    React Redux is the next on our list of best React UI frameworks for 2023.This React UI component library is really an insightful framework that allows you to just enter the values you expect from developing UI components and leave the rest to the framework.

    With the help of this active React UI framework, the interface can efficiently extract and update them automatically as per your business requirements. Moreover, it enables you to perform testing process in different available environments and compare the results with higher accuracy.

    React Redux works the best for performing application debugging due to the built-in DevTools. You can easily analyze the upcoming changes in the application state, perform the logs, and sends error reports – making it easy for you to fine-tune the functioning of the application.

    Top Features of React Redux

    • State predictability is one such fantastic feature that makes React Redux the best responsive React UI framework.
    • You can efficiently re-render only once significant state changes exist, allowing state persistence for your React application.
    • DevTools available in this React UI framework allow you to deal with efficient state management and debugging processes.
    • The framework is equipped with a robust built-in performance optimizer.

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  4. React Router

    React Router is the best option for your business application if you’re planning to opt for a router UI to use together with another interface.

    React Router is one such routing solution that typically matches all multiple pre-built components with their application URLs. React Router UI framework’s primary goal is to ensure you deliver a seamless experience to your users.

    It’s a time saver tool that speeds up your application, and around four layers of layouts will bind your business application with different hierarchies. This React UI framework automatically changes your layout components along with the URL, making it easy for you to create fewer routes on your end.

    Furthermore, React Router is actively responsible for automatically selecting the best routes for your application.

    Top Features of React Router

    • With the help of this React framework, it’s optional to set the browser history manually.
    • You can actively use the link for navigating the application’s internal links, just like the anchor tag we use in HTML applications.
    • This React UI framework typically uses the Switch feature for rendering the React application.
    • You’ll require only a single child element while dealing with the Router functionality.
    • You can quickly grab additional features like MemoryRouter, Prompt, StaticRouter, and generatePath.
  5. Blueprint UI

    Blueprint UI is the React desktop UI framework that is primarily used for building complex, data-heavy interfaces requiring multiple modules and almost all the components.

    Blueprint UI is one such React framework that is capable of dealing with application complexity and works for almost all use cases for your business needs. The good part of this React UI library framework is that it comes up with lengthy documentation, making it easy for you to work with ease for every functionality of your business application.

    With this React UI library framework, you can efficiently combine visual and written guides to make your business application more responsive. So, Blueprint UI is the best one as it allows to deliver as brilliantly on the mobile front.

    Top Features of Blueprint UI

    • With the help of this framework, you’ll get 30+ standard components that can easily be customized using CSS for your application.
    • The entire framework is written in TypeScript and styled with SASS, which makes React development faster.
    • This React framework strictly adheres to WCAG 2.0
    • It supports the great flexibility of the framework through composable React components and reusable high-quality React components for your application.
  6. Grommet

    Grommet is considered to be the universal UI library that makes this framework one of the best React UI frameworks to develop user interfaces for the application.

    The excellent part of the Grommet UI framework is that Its greatest USP works the best and is considered to be the best mobile-first user interface framework for React. Moreover, it includes responsive layouts, designs, Javascript elements, and components that make your application more responsive.

    With its active support for W3C specs, you can easily enhance the application’s accessibility for your end-users. The application’s responsiveness and accessibility are the two primary factors that make Grommet one of the out-of-the-box solutions for creating futuristic, user-friendly UIs for your application needs.

    Top Features of Grommet

    • Grommet is a React framework that is solely responsible for making mobile-friendly applications
    • The framework actively relies on an external CSS system for dealing with various styling functionalities.
    • It comes up with a comprehensive design system including design templates, patterns, and sticker sheets for your React project.
    • You’ll find the default support for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 for your React application.
  7. Fluent UI

    Fluent UI is the last on our list of the best React UI framework, which is entirely Microsoft-based UI elements that are used specifically for developing cross-platform applications. Although you can actively use the interface for developing Microsoft apps, you can even use Fluent with React for your projects to make them more responsive than ever.

    With this React framework for UI, you’ll get multiple component libraries, including primary inputs, notifications, and menus. Not only this, this framework allows you to customize these components and React UI libraries easily for your specific project.

    Fluent UI actively uses an intuitive system that makes it easy for you to write code and CSS to every component defined in your React application. So, my continuous changes to an element will not affect your global styles.

    Yeah, but there can be advantages or disadvantages to using this framework. So, it entirely depends on your business app needs.

    Top Features of Fluent UI

    • You can effectively design and develop a unique, modern, standards-based, and highly performant front-end application.
    • Web development project is made relatively easier using only the web platform code.
    • The framework supports great integration with leading frameworks like .NET, Blazor, Vue, React, and many more to develop web and desktop applications.
    • You can actively develop a web-standards UX built with W3C Web Component standards for your React application.
    • Customizing the project’s design language is made possible by modifying and adopting a new design token.

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With this, I can definitely say that you are now ready to select the best React UI framework for your business needs. We’ve come across the best frameworks along with the top features to make it easy for you.

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