9 Best Universal Websites Built With Angular Framework

Angular is one of the most popular web frameworks compared to other popular JavaScript frameworks. It is a full-fledged package for frontend development, with excellent MVC architecture implementation, directives, two-way data flow and dependency injection.

But the main question arises here: Who uses Angular? With its rich features, Angular has been adopted by many leading companies globally. To make it easy, we have presented a list of the most popular websites built with angular framework.

You’ll see the technical aspects and the reasons for these websites using Angular as their priority. But first, a brief introduction to Angular and why so many businesses gravitate towards it for their frontend needs.

What is Angular Framework?

Developed and maintained by Google, Angular is an open-source JavaScript framework that plays an essential role in the front-end development of dynamic web pages.

The first version is AngularJS but experienced massive redesigning, and a new version, Angular 2+ or Angular, was available in 2016.

Angular is a leading front-end framework for developers wanting to create a user-driven web application. Angular websites are responsive, feature-rich and easy to navigate. You can even consult the best Angular development company to build a web application from scratch.

Website development is made easy with the functionalities offered by Angular. Some of the technical angular features that help the developers to quickly build dynamic web applications include:

  • MVC architecture
  • HTML templates
  • Bidirectional data flow
  • Extendible template language

If you want to know more about the Angular framework, do not forget to read the article of what is Angular.

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9 Best Websites Using Angular Framework

Now let’s highlight the list of angular website examples

  1. Google

    Google Made With Angular

    Google is a popular website built with Angular framework. Google typically uses the AngularJS frameworks to develop many parent products. However, the incredible user-friendly nature and high performance are unknown worldwide. Popularly known as one of the global search engines, Google is also well-known for many other defined products like:

    • Google Play Store
    • Google Voice app
    • G Suite homepage
    • Google Open Source
    • Google Play Books
    • Google Arts and Culture

    Apart from this websites that use angular, the Google.org website is one of the super Angular website examples. It uses technology for humanitarian movements and is an exceptional example of Angular’s powers.

    However, one can always look at the whole list from other sources. They all are characterized by smooth transitions, providing a holistic product user experience.

  2. UpWork

    Upwork Made With Angular

    UpWork is one of the leading and top-rated freelancing platforms that connect people to complete a project or conduct business. With the help of this innovative platform, companies can easily interview, hire, work and even pay freelancers completely online.

    The web application of UpWork uses Angular to offer features such as

    • In-app calling
    • payment gateways
    • Testing

    With a thriving community of over 18 million users and 5 million registered clients, angular website is the robust high performing solution that companies like UpWork need.

  3. Gmail

    Gmail Made With Angular

    With more than 4,147 billion users worldwide (as of 2021), Gmail is a highly trusted open email service by Google. With its usability and ability to function seamlessly amidst the competition without mailing services, Gmail has a single-page interface, which allows active users to carry out their activities on a daily scale.

    In addition, the Gmail application typically uses a single HTML page that simply renders the data from the front end in the new emails. As the Gmail application is built on the Angular framework, a traffic load is handled smoothly on this website simply owing to its popularity.

  4. Deutsche Bank

    Deutsche Bank Made With Angular

    Deutsche Bank is one of the top banks in the world, having a distinct presence in more than 58 countries. The front-end development of the world-renowned Deutsche Bank is done by Angular development. It typically uses the Angular 10+ version to develop the developer portal’s first page.

    The AngularJS developer has its own Deutsche Bank API program feature that acts as a passage for several associations worldwide to strengthen the transaction system of Deutsche Bank in their web application development.

    With the help of the Angular framework, the enormous amount and degrees of transaction and traffic are easily managed. The primary goal of many organizations is to gain this level of functionality coupled with the right amount of usability and ease for the user.

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  6. Paypal

    Paypal Made With Angular
    PayPal is an American multinational finance company, and everyone knows this leading organization. PayPal is a web-based money transfer company having more than 305 million active client accounts.

    The regular users supporting online money transfers are familiar with the credibility and trustworthiness of the Paypal company. And the excellent part of Paypal is that there are about 305 million active users globally and still counting.

    To enable high security and seamless transactions while transferring money, Paypal is made with Angular 10+, making the website robust, simple & straightforward. Moreover, it is perfect enough to deal with high loads. In addition, Angular 10+ allows PayPal to support constant feeds of transaction data.

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  7. Freelancer

    Freelancer Made With Angular

    A company based in Australia, Freelancer, has gained acceptance and successfully penetrated the world market by allowing freelancers to get their dream job quickly. Freelancer has clients across 247 domains globally.

    In simple words, Freelancer is an innovative platform for representatives and employers who can work together and perform a job. However, the platform typically has many users, so it becomes mandatory to have a website with a great UI, incredible user experience and consistent responsiveness.

    And to achieve this motive, Freelancer picked Angular 8+ to build a website.

  8. Microsoft Xbox

    Microsoft Made With Angular

    Microsoft Xbox is a video gaming brand that provides a holistic gaming experience with several aspects of gaming and other considerations.

    This gaming platform is very engaging and attractive for users, especially youngsters. The good part of this platform is that the users can quickly navigate through the website without much ado.

    With the help of Angular technology, Microsoft has designed its product and services, and one of them is Xbox. Mircosoft Xbox is also built with Angular, making it attractive, smooth, and robust.

    The angular framework is solely responsible for its smooth navigation and making it easy for the users to handle massive traffic. Moreover, Angular quickly maintain a beneficial and responsive experience for active users.

    Apart from Microsoft Xbox, Microsoft has some leading websites that use Angular and they are

    • Microsoft homepage
    • Microsoft Azure
    • Microsoft Flow
    • TimeFind
    • Microsoft support page
  9. WikiWand

    Wikiwand Made With Angular

    Wikipedia is the platform that every internet user acknowledges. So yes, the design structure is somewhat complex and feels basic sometimes. WikiWand provides a modern touch to Wikipedia pages to overcome such challenging factors.

    WikiWand modernizes the wiki’s boring design structure, adding a new menu, dashboard, and other navigational features to enrich the user experience. In addition, this platform acts as a wrapper design over Wikipedia.

    With the help of Angular technology, WikiWand has adopted an entirely new design structure. Along with the design structure, the platform extends the functionality of Wikipedia pages. As a result, it is now more readable and easy to navigate and offers a seamless user experience.

  10. Forbes

    Forbes Made With Angular

    Previously started as an American business magazine, Forbes is now one of the leading article-based platforms on the web. The platform is built with the Angular 9+ version and typically supports leading technologies like Core-JS, BackboneJS, LightJS, and others.

    With its fortnightly magazine publication, Forbes is well-known for capturing the real essence and the changes in the world. Forbes typically uses Angular 5.2.0 with other technologies to maintain and sustain the heavy crowd reading articles published on the website.

These are the popular Angular websites that have attracted millions of daily users with interactive UI/UX and expert services.

About 108 million global visitors gain satisfactory user experience on this website. So, these are the top companies using Angular for their business applications and enhance their business website productivity on a large scale.

If you want to start your web project like these best Angular websites, it is really important to know why they are developing websites using Angular

Why Angular For Website Development?

AngularJS is a Complete Frontend Package

In comparison to other JS frameworks AngularJS framework is an essential part of the MEAN stack the free and open-source JavaScript software stack.

MEAN stack ( Free and open-source JavaScript software stack)

  1. MongoDB
  2. Express.JS
  3. Angular
  4. Node.JS

Two-way Data Binding

Once the Angular developers make any changes to the View, the data automatically gets updated and vice versa. With the help of two-way data binding in the Angular website, it is easier to maintain consistency among all other layers

MVC Architecture

In the Model-View-Controller architecture, the application is divided into three components: the model, the view, and the controller.. This architecture allows for separating concerns, making it easier to maintain and modify the application.


With the help of directives, Angular developers can extend the functionality of HTML components, it also controls DOM (Document Object Model) trees and component libraries with all of this, the website page speed and performance enhance at an extensive level and provide a smooth user experience to end users.

Faster Development

AngularJs With its data-binding approach and simplified MVC, the Angular framework is the perfect choice for web development. Moreover, it is responsible for enhancing the web app development speed.

Inbuilt CLI

AngularJS is framed with an inbuilt command-line interface (CLI), making it easy for Angular developers to initialize new web devlopmnet projects.


So far, we have highlighted the most popular websites hitting the market, that websites built with angular framework. So, if anyone asks me which are angular website examples?, then my answer goes to view the article that mentions the list of leading angular websites built using the Angular framework.

Angular is one such framework equipped with many features that satisfy all web application development requirements, and you can create well-functioning AngularJS apps.

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