JavaScript Frameworks Popularity of 2023 That You Need To CheckOut

JavaScript frameworks are the real heroes behind implementing web and mobile applications for your business needs.

A list of multiple JavaScript frameworks is available in the market that makes your work easier, starting from designing to the deployment process. And If I talk about the previous year, there exist many ups and downs for such innovative frameworks.

We’ve come up with such JavaScript frameworks popularity and usage statistics for 2023.

JavaScript Frameworks Popularity with Usage stats of 2023

In 2023, there was a peak demand for the best JavaScript frameworks for designing and developing robust business applications. So this time, we’ve come up with the JavaScript framework usage statistics based on various factors like:

  • What tools are developers using?
  • How are they learning them?
  • What their opinions of them are?

As per the developer survey 2023, more than 70,000 developers were actively participated in the survey report. And also, 72% developers were profession developers.

Let’s highlight the survey details of the most popular and best JavaScript frameworks.

  1. JavaScript Gained Its Position in Most Popular Programming Language

    JavaScript is a scripting language and is the most popular language of 2023.

    Here’s the proof, Over 65% of respondents used JavaScript technology extensively for web application development. JavaScript is the core technology that is specifically used on the web development along with HTML and CSS programming language.

    JavaScript Popularity Graph

    Moreover, JavaScript is vital in dealing with development environments like Node.js for backend development, Apache CouchDB, and Adobe Acrobat.

    JavaScript is not limited to web and mobile app development, but its usages have also extended to mobile, game, and desktop development.

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  2. Angular Occupies The Top Position

    Angular is an open-source JavaScript framework that makes it easy to use HTML as a template language, write code using standard JavaScript syntax, and add attributes to DOM elements.

    Currently, Angular is in fifth place among the top 10 most-used web frameworks among developers worldwide as of 2023.

    Most Used Web Frameworks Among Developers

    Angular is the best option for designing and building feature-rich web app development solutions.

    Angular has gained huge popularity as a powerful JavaScript framework. On top of that, Google, Netflix, and Upwork are prime examples of websites built using the Angular framework.

  3. ReactJS Occupies the Second Position

    React is still enjoying its popularity in 2023 and is ranked 2nd most popular web framework, leaving behind Node.js 2023 in the StackOverflow Developer Survey 2023. So, we can say that there is approximately 7% increase in popularity from 2020 when it was the choice of only 36%.

    I must say that React is one such feature-rich framework that will be around for the next few years, despite many competing libraries vying for the top spot.

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  4. Node.js Stand Out in the Competition

    Since four years, Node.js development has become very popular and continues to stand the competition in 2023. Node.js development is designed explicitly for almost all startups worldwide and that’s what makes it top JavaScript frameworks.

    If I talk about the most used web framework among software developers worldwide, as of 2023, 47.12% of respondents reported using Node.js.

    Node.js framework is such an ideal and innovative technology stack that help you build secure, powerful, and solid digital solutions for your business needs. In addition, you’ll come across various JavaScript frameworks and web application programming languages that play an essential role in impacting the app’s efficiency.

    So, opting for the correct tech stack from beginning to app development is imperative. Node.js in 2023 is a significant trend that will continue to evolve and provides several clear advantages, making it the finest option for web developers.

  5. VueJS Is Now Leading the Software Development Industry

    Vue.js is an open-source framework that helps you create user interfaces and single-page applications for your business needs.

    Vue.js is a feature-rich JavaScript framework that has a collection of effective and impressive tools for performing various business operation. It’s compatible with TypeScript, end-to-end testing instruments, and a plugin installation set-up and allows unit testing.

    Since the launch of Vue version 3, there exists many differences between Vue2 vs Vue3. It also contains a state manager, server renderer and browser debugging resources.

    With its advanced software packages and supporting libraries, Vue.js framework is effective in setting in motion state-of-the-art single-page apps.

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  6. ExpressJS is the Best One For Businesses

    It often happens that developers and business owners are migrating to design and build robust web app development solutions. And the excellent part of this framework is its popularity, just less than the other big players.

    The development team having proficiency in Express framework makes it easy to quickly deal with any fundamental issues. Moreover, a lot of frameworks still build upon Express.

    Express.js takes home the title of the best JavaScript framework, as it possesses more than 57,000 stars on Github. Moreover, this innovative framework is fast, un-opinionated, and minimalist.

    Express allows you to define routes and handle HTTP requests, making it an excellent choice for building APIs and other web-based applications. The excellent part of this framework is that is highly extensible, multiple plugins support and middleware available for adding additional functionality to your business applications.

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JavaScript is a technology accepted by almost all developers and business owners working globally to make robust web applications. Moreover, it is one such technology that is equipped highly with the list of cutting-edge technologies.

JavaScript is one of the first and most popular global technologies developers prefer. After going through the JavaScript usage statistics and data in recent years, we are quite proud of our work at Albiorix.