What is Application Software? A Detailed Guide For 2023

Selecting the perfect application software for your business helps improve efficiency. Nowadays, the demand for application software is increasing day by day.

With such increasing demands, different types of application software are available in the market. It ultimately depends on your business needs and purpose in selecting the perfect one.

So, you need to understand the basics of what is application software and the list of types of application software available in the market.

Key Takeaways

  • Application software refers to computer programs or software applications designed to perform specific tasks or provide specific functionalities for users.
  • Application software serves various purposes, such as word processing, spreadsheet calculations, data management, graphics editing, multimedia playback, communication, and much more.
  • Application software can be categorized into different types based on their functionality. Examples include word processors, spreadsheets, presentation software, databases, web browsers, email clients, media players, design software, accounting programs, and many others.

What is Application Software?

Application software is a computer system program that allows you to perform a specific personal, educational, and business function.

Application Software, most commonly known as end-user software or productivity software, is designed explicitly to assist users with particular processes related to productivity software, efficiency, and communication.

As per the statista’s recent survey, it has been estimated that the enterprise software solution spending on IT devices like PCs, tablet, and others is expected to react $4.43 trillion dollars by 2023.

Remember that application software and system software are different. App software is meant to complete the task they are developed to do. One of the best examples of application software is the apps or system software that we see on our smartphones.

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What are the Types of Business Application Software?

Generally, there are two main categories of application software: General application software and business application software.

First, we’ll start by understanding the business application software. It’s a subset of the application software that efficiently facilitates essential business functions of application software. Moreover, it plays a vital role in improving operations’ accuracy, efficiency, and effectiveness, saving time and cost.

Business Application Software

  1. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

    ERP is software and a robust system that is solely responsible for creating and managing all the core activities and other business processes. Enterprise Resource Planning helps you automate and simplify business activities like risk management, procurement and accounting functions, risk management, project management, project compliance, and supply chain management.

  2. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

    CRM Software typically manages the organisation’s interaction with its prime clients. Customer Relationship Management is one of the explicit application software programs that helps you collect, analyse and strategise a large amount of customer data for enhancing business growth.

  3. Database

    Database Software, also referred to as a Database Management system (DBMS), allows you to create a database and store it quickly, search, manipulate, and extract the crucial data of an organisation. This database software is being used by many businesses globally.

  4. Project Management Software

    As the name suggests, Resource Management Software helps you plan resources, capital, and staff to make project management a smooth process. In addition, this application software enables you to manage multiple projects and ensures that everything is allocated in real-time.

  5. Business Process Management (BPM)

    BPM software is a process automation tool that plays a vital role in dealing with activities like defining reports and automating the processes intended to optimise an organisation’s business.

  6. Resource Management Software

    As the name suggests, Resource Management Software helps you plan resources, capital, and staff to make project management a smooth process. In addition, it enables you to manage multiple projects and ensures that everything is allocated in real-time.

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General Application Software

After understanding the concept of business application software, it’s time to know about general on-premise application software.

Word Processing Software
  • Word processing software allows you to smoothly format, beautify, and manipulate text.
  • Easily find the Synonyms and antonyms of your entered text.
  • Easily change the fonts, colors, and style
  • You can freely do error checking, grammar checking and spelling checking with this software.
  • Microsoft Word is the best example of Word processing software.
Spreadsheet Software
  • Spreadsheet software is primarily used to store data in table format and perform calculations.
  • You can easily deal with intersecting cells to keep various data fields like time, date, text, and numbers
  • Calculations are made easy with formulas and functions with spreadsheet software solution.
  • Microsoft Excel is the best example of spreadsheet software
Presentation Software
  • The presentation software allows you to present your thoughts and ideas in a piece of visual information to your clients.
  • In the presentation software, slides are the essential components that help your present your information.
  • This enterprise software allows you to create your slides interactive and informative by adding videos, texts, charts, graphs, and images.
  • The best example of the presentation software is Microsoft PowerPoint.
Multimedia Software
  • Multimedia software allows you to easily create or record videos, audio, and image files to include in your application.
  • The primary use of this multimedia software is used for video editing, graphics, and animations.
  • VLC player, MX Player, and Windows Media Player are prime examples of multimedia software.
Web Browsers
  • This type of software application is primarily used for browsing the internet.
  • Web browsers make it easy for you to locate and retrieve data directly from the web.
  • Easily change the fonts, colors, and style
  • Chrome and Firefox are superior examples of Web Browsers.
Educational Software
  • Educational software is a type of educational app development is designed explicitly for facilitating learning.
  • You can quickly find the list of tutorials inside this educational software.
  • EDX, MindPlay, and Kid Pix are examples of educational software.
Graphics Software
  • Easily make changes in your application’s visual data, images, and animation.
  • This graphics software typically comprises different editorial software.
  • Prime examples of graphics software are Adobe Photoshop, Unity 3d, and PaintShop.
  • The software is free of cost.
  • Downloading and installing Freeware application software is totally free.
  • You cannot make any updates or changes in its source code.
  • One good example of Freeware software is Skype.
  • This type of application program software is made available to the users on a trial version.
  • Then, depending on the user’s choice, they can move ahead with the payment of that software.
  • Winzip is a prime example of Shareware application software.
Simulation Software
  • Simulation software is nothing but a monitoring computer program that makes it easy to observe an operation without performing it.
  • A simulation software comes into action when you feel the existing system is not working fine.
  • Engineering, robotics, flight systems, weather forecast and many other terminologies make use of this simulation software.
  • The best example is MATLAB
Open Source
  • This application software eventually comes up with a source code that allows anyone to inspect, modify and enhance it.
  • Many open-source software are freely available, but only a few are paid at such a conditional level.
Closed Source
  • It’s the opposite of open-source and is paid software.
  • They come up with intellectual property rights or patient over source code.
  • Moreover, you’ll find some more restrictions as well as terms and conditions.

Examples of Application Software

Examples of Application Software

How To Choose the Right Application Software For Your Business?

Selecting the right application software for your business is the prime duty. Therefore, you must conduct a detailed analysis to choose the application software for your business needs.

Moreover, it can be helpful for you to take valuable feedback from the managers, colleagues, partners, and software providers for selecting the software for your business.

One of the best ways is to get proper guidance from a renowned custom software development company. You’ll get perfect advice to build a custom-made solution for your business requirements.

An alternative option is to hire dedicated full-stack developers to get your business’s best application software solutions.

What To Look For In Application Software?

Most application software allows you to quickly deal with customising different software elements. It is similar to the concept we have seen in the example of application software.

Alternatively, you have multiple options where you can build the whole thing yourself using low-code technology for your business requirements.

You want to be sure that the application software is helpful — providing a service you’re interested in, connecting you with others, or automating manual processes.

How Much Does it Cost to Create an Application Software?

The pricing factor plays an essential role in developing a software application for your business’s success. I cannot assure you of the fixed price of the application software, it ultimately depends on your business needs.

However, the application software development costs typically depend on the various factors mentioned below:

  • Primary goals, functions, scope, and most notably, features
  • Platforms and mobile devices supported
  • Third-party integrations required
  • Application you want to develop like web app, native, cross-platform, or hybrid apps
  • Back-end development services
  • Hardware components and compatibility
  • The complexity of the application
  • Software Maintenance Maintenance and support requirements

So, these are the prime features that influence the application software development solutions for your business needs. As said earlier, you nor I can say the exact cost for the application software. However, depending on your requirements, our experts can get you a ballpark estimate for your application software.

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I hope you got a clear vision of the detailed information on what is application software. We’ve come across a list of different types of application software along with their intended features and usage.

Ultimately, it depends on your business requirement on how you want to move ahead with your application software. Still, consult Albiorix if you have any queries on selecting the application software for your project needs.

We have the best team of software developers who always standstill to provide the best software solutions for your needs.