Top 7 JavaScript Data Grid Libraries For Your Next Project

JavaScript data grid libraries are used by more than 94% of organizations to create their business applications. Additionally, JavaScript data grid are a crucial component of a web application.

By utilizing its incredible functionalities, businesses can leverage best JavaScript data grid components to enhance the value of their business web applications. So, pick the JavaScript data grid component library from the list above that best meets your company’s demands.

To create application dashboards, you can also look at some of the top JavaScript Grid libraries.

Key Takeaways

  • JavaScript grid library is a programming language that is used explicitly for interacting with leading web technologies.
  • A JavaScript Data Grid is an innovative interface that allows you to display data in a tabular format.
  • JavaScript datagrid plays a vital role in your business applications as it allows you to easily track statistics, perform real-time reporting, and, most importantly, perform data analysis.
  • We’ve highlighted the best JavaScript data grid libraries and features to make it easy for you to select the best one for your business needs.

What is a JavaScript Library?

JavaScript is the most widely used programming language that is essential for interacting with web-related technology. It plays an essential role in dealing with web application development. To run scripts on various platforms, modern browsers often develop a separate engine just for JavaScript.

There exists prewritten code that is essential for web development and web design. Such prewritten code is called JavaScript Library.

You can search for any standard JavaScript function from this library. Dashboard charts, standalone charts, data grips, data maps, and many other components are all included in JavaScript libraries and may be easily implemented anytime you need them.

What Exactly is a JavaScript Data Grid?

A JavaScript DataGrid is a straightforward yet effective, feature-rich, and customisable interface for displaying data in a tabular style in your online application. DataGrid offers a wide range of aggregate functions, including in-cell editing, server-side data binding, and filtering that looks like it was done in Excel like filtering, aggregating rows, selecting, and custom multi-column sorting.

However, many tables from various datasets can also be displayed using the DataGrid widget. The display is automatically modified following the source of the corporate data. It is a compact client-side control that provides fundamental activities like sorting, inserting, removing, and paging.

Data-driven JavaScript data grid were specifically created to manage high-performance online applications. The user interface of libraries is similar to a spreadsheet, and it may be modified to develop scalable, intricate interfaces with lots of data.

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What is the Importance of Data Grids?

Data grids are a crucial component of online applications that display various data, such as tracking statistics, real-time reporting, and much more.

There are numerous explanations for using a DataGrid in your upcoming project.

  • Data grids are lightweight and play a vital role in improving the speed of your application and shortening load times for your website.
  • Large data sets can be deployed thanks to most DataGrid frameworks’ virtual and infinite scrolling capabilities.
  • Large datasets may be mapped even more quickly because of their capabilities like filtering, sorting, pagination, etc.

7 Best JavaScript Data Grid Libraries

Let’s explore the list of 7 best JavaScript Data grid libraries that will aid you in making your web application more responsive and secure.

  1. FusionGrid

    Fusion Grid Best JavaScript Data Grid

    FusionGrid by FusionCharts is a robust library that makes powering your website and application simple. In addition, it is a highly adaptable and responsive data grid component that enables you to work with an existing, comparable grid data source.

    FusionGrid might be the ideal supplement to all of your application dashboard requirements. It has a responsive JavaScript data grid approach and can be used on any device and in any browser. Use Angular, React, and Vue projects to advance your dashboards.

    FusionGrid is considered one of the best JavaScript grid libraries that efficiently enables you to create eye-catching data grids for various reports that use the same data source.

    It lets you quickly access the information by sorting, searching, and filtering the data on the pertinent columns. The Javascript grid provides a highly feature-rich component that makes it simple to show enormous data sets.

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    Top Features of FusionGrid

    • Less learning curve
    • Adaptability
    • Column & Layout Customization
    • Mobile Optimized & Touch-friendly
    • Drag-and-drop functionality
    • Performs chart integration smoothly
    • Amazing performance; draw integrated charts with one million data in just 2 seconds
    • Simple to integrate with tech stack
    • Fast and responsive
    • Negligible maintenance charges
    • Great customer support
  2. Ext JS

    Ext-JS-JavaScript Data Grid

    Sencha offers a framework, UI elements, and building blocks for high-performance mobile and web enterprise applications. Developers can give their apps strong data analytics capabilities by using Sencha’s grid component.

    Sencha’s high-performing grid can handle large data sets, compatible with the preferred best JavaScript grid library.

    Top Features of Ext JS

    • Customizable UI widgets
    • Code compatibility of new versions with the older ones
    • A flexible layout manager for data management
    • It is protocol agnostic, and can access data from any back-end source
    • Customizable Themes Ext JS widgets
    • Supports Lazy Loading features
    • Drag and drop columns functionality for UI containers and other components.
  3. Handsontable

    Handsontable Best JavaScript Data Grid Libraries

    Combine the comprehensive data grid features, which include outstanding support, with your spreadsheet-like UX. A JavaScript data grid component called Handsontable is compatible with React, Angular, Vue, and plain JavaScript.

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    When using Handsontable, all spreadsheet features are available. No steep learning curve exists, so you can jump right into your work. It is a very adaptable and flexible data grid component that is simple to use.

    The simplest way to install Handsontable is npm install handsontable.

    By modifying the source code, you can include it in your product and expand its functionality. You will also have access to a rich API, helpful tutorials, community assistance, and paid support.

    Finally, you can begin processing massive amounts of data without seeing a drop in performance. Applications that are essential to your organisation can be created with Handsontable. It functions similarly to a tool teacher that anyone can use without any prior training.

    Top Features of Handsontable

    • Supports all spreadsheet features
    • A developer-friendly API
    • Designed to perform
    • Database editing
    • Configuration controlling
    • Drag-and-drop functionality
    • Data and cell merging
    • Workforce planning
    • Sales reporting
    • Financial analysis
  4. Kendo UI

    Kendo UI Best JavaScript Data Grid Libraries

    With Kendo UI, you can obtain the best JavaScript grid component library required for your business applications and websites. It includes four JavaScript UI frameworks with consistent APIs developed for Angular Data grid, Vue, React, jQuery and Angular.

    Whatever option you select, your user interface will be quick, accessible, responsive, and modern. Kendo UI makes your job simple by enabling you to integrate cutting-edge, high-performance, and feature-rich extensible data table views into your business applications.

    More than 100 Javascript grid components include filters, sorting options, and more sophisticated hierarchical data and pagination data grouping options.

    In addition to endless scrolling and adaptive virtual rendering, it provides column interactions, frozen columns, data editing, data grouping, data binding, data summaries, virtualization, exporting data to PDF formats or Excel export functionality, templates, and more.

    You can advance data processes with features including inline editing, advanced filtering, sorting, aggregating, interacting, and even freezing columns. You can have total control of every choice with Kendo UI, from data operations (CRUD operations) and theming to quicker rendering and responsive interactions.

    Top Features of Kendo UI

    • Supports Angular, Vue, React, and jQuery
    • Especially built with editable consistent API
    • Comes up with responsive, accessible, modern, and fast API
    • Execute upgraded and full-featured table views on your web applications
    • Offers 100+ data grid components with features such as hierarchical and paginated grouping

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  5. Griddle

    Griddle JavaScript Grid Library

    The Griddle is one of the top selections if you’re considering the React framework for the plain JavaScript data grid component library. It offers fundamental functionality and conventions and the option of advanced customization of components, methods, etc. It is a very versatile and adaptable data grid component.

    Griddle supports plugins, allowing you to modify the data grid’s elements further. With group styles and other features, your data tables will stand out. To have a brilliant concept, spread this group data style throughout the company and to the rest of the globe using the world’s largest software registry npm.

    Griddle makes creating a data grid from a renderer list of data simple. Due to its pluggable and customizable architecture, it is more than just a data grid component. You can easily learn how to configure the Griddle to render your data list.

    Top Features of Griddle

    • Extremely handy and flexible components
    • Offers basic operations and conventions with the option of advanced customization for seasoned hire web developers
    • Provides plugin support for easier component customization
    • Keeps data tables different through group styling and other functionalities
  6. AG Grid

    AG-Grid The Top JavaScript Grid

    One of the top libraries for vanilla JavaScript data grid component development is AG Grid. You have never seen a feature set, quality, or performance like what AG Grid provides. This solution stands out from the competition thanks to its many distinctive features.

    You can quickly design your data grid dashboard without compromising application quality or speed. You will receive stylish features and committed native support because its community is free and open-source. Additionally, AG Grid offers free access that other grids are unable to.

    Get a lot of context menu choices for the grid by using the status bar, sidebar, getContextMenuItems, suppressContextMenu, preventDefaultOnContextMenu, allowContextMenuWithControlKey, getMainMenuItems, and other tools. For column definitions you can use columnDefs, defaultColDef, columnTypes, etc., for column definitions.

    You will receive the grid options, grip API, grid events, and row node for the grid interface. Through the column interface, which is part of columns visible to the public, let your application communicate with the columns.

    All the attributes, events, methods, and so forth are listed in the column interface section. AG Grid also provides theming, style, grid options, grid instances, row grouping data, and accessing API.

    Top Features of AG Grid

    • Provides sets, quality, and performance unlike anything else
    • Unique and differentiating features from other JS Data Grid Libraries
    • Doesn’t compromise the performance and quality
    • Builds your data grids dashboard easily
    • Comes with a free and open-source community, that will help you with style features and functionality issues if any
    • Gives free access that other data grids don’t have
  7. TanStack Table

    Tansdtack Table Top JavaScript Data Grid Libraries

    TanStack Table offers a headless UI for building robust data grids and tables. With complete control over the styles and markups, create a data grid from scratch for React, Solid, Svelte, Vue, and TS/JS.

    You will have complete control over every little HTML tag, class, style, and component while using TanStack Table. You will also receive a headless data table with pixel-perfect resolution. With a limited API surface, it is designed specifically to filter, sort, materialise, aggregate, group, display, and paginate large data sets.

    Increase user productivity by creating new or existing tables. A robust data grid component in a compact package is the TanStack Table. It makes it simple to expand the features so that you may replace or alter practically everything that gets in the way.

    The engine and API of TanStack Table prioritise ergonomics while being framework-independent and highly customisable.

    Cell content formatters, lightweight code, sorting, column filters, cell formatting, aggregation, ordering columns, cell merging, virtualisable, footers, tree-shaking, tree-grid functionality, multi-sort, selection of customizable cells, row selection, input validation, pagination, column visibility, data validation, headless, global filters, and are all the features you’ll get.

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    Top Features of TanStack Table

    • Build a data grid from scratch for React, Solid, Svelte, Vue, and TS/JS while owning multiple themes and formats.
    • Complete control of every HTML tag, class, style, and component.
    • Offers a pixel-perfect data table.
    • Supports data sorting functionality
    • Built to filter, sort, materialize, aggregate, group, display, and paginate huge data sets that have a small API surface.
    • Make users more efficient by repackaging existing or new tables.
    • Promises speed and performance as engine and API are framework-independent and highly modular with great ergonomics.

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Parameters to Select JavaScript Grid Library

Before selecting the best JavaScript Data Grid library for your project, you need to consider the following parameters to make the selection easier.

  1. Performance and speed

    Many JavaScript grids are inoperable because the data loads slowly, degrading the user experience. Therefore, it is essential to consider performance and speed when selecting a grid.

    Additionally, assess how smoothly users can scroll across large datasets. Users can scroll tables quickly without experiencing loading delays when the virtual scrolling speed is good.

  2. Components, Features, and Customizations

    The grid library should offer a variety of parts and functionalities for the best UX. For instance, the Javascript library should show a date picker component whenever a table requests that the user select a date or time.

    The extended functionality of your grid can be increased by supporting fundamental and additional features. Therefore, picking a grid library with various features and sophisticated data manipulation capabilities is essential. Additionally, they must provide adjustments to change the table experience as needed.

  3. Support for Different Frameworks, Browsers, and Platforms

    You can opt for different languages to deal with the coding aspects for the various elements of web pages. In those circumstances, picking a grid library that supports major Javascript frameworks is preferable. In addition, businesses create web applications to deploy them globally.

    Thus, grid compatibility with all platforms and modern browsers is essential. Moreover, the grid ought to support numerous displays without degrading its functionality. If you have a question like how much does it cost to build a website for your business, this parameter is the most important for you to consider.

  4. Flexibility in Data Handling

    Websites’ information comes from many nearby and far away sources. As a result, the grid library must effectively support data binding and data validation from all sources. This allows app developers to link data from different live data streaming platforms for analytics and insights.


It can be difficult to implement a responsive and user-friendly JavaScript data grid. But if you pick the proper one, it’s not!

To deploy all of your data in a tabular format and proceed with web development, you can utilise a variety of libraries.

The fundamental framework of many web apps is JavaScript. It is useful for development needs, saving time and effort that would otherwise be spent on testing and development.

Additionally, it maintains everything under one roof so that you can quickly access and use the key features in your application.