Full-Stack VS MERN VS MEAN Stack: Select Perfect Stack For Next Project in 2023

A tech stack is one of the core technical perspectives that allow you to deal with different programming languages, software tools, and technologies to make a single application.

MERN, MERN, and Full stack are the three essential tech stacks ruling the market. If you’re the one who is planning to build such robust web applications using the stacks, then this article will help you a lot.

And if you’re enthusiastic about grabbing the understanding of selecting the right stack technology between Full-Stack vs MEAN Stack vs MERN Stack, then you have landed on the perfect page.

What is a Stack?

A stack, commonly known as “technology stack”, is a terminology that helps you work with a combination of different technologies and programming languages. With the help of the technology stack, you can efficiently make your application more smooth and more secure.

Generally, two types of development stack exist (1) Technology Stack and (2) Application Stack. These development stacks are responsible for developing web and mobile applications for your business needs.

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Types of Technology Stack

A tech stack is actively responsible for performing different activities like application programming languages, patterns, libraries for project development, frameworks for building web apps, and, most importantly, UI/UX software. Therefore, all such terminologies play a vital role in building web and mobile apps for your business while dealing with different tech stacks.

After exploring the concept of what is a tech stack, Let’s discuss the different types of the technology stack.

  • Full-Stack Development Stack
  • Front-End Development Stack
  • Back-End Development Stack

All such tech stack types are actively responsible for making your development process smoother and more efficient. It ultimately depends on how you want to go ahead with the perfect technology stack for your business needs.

It would help if you considered the following metrics before selecting the best stacks: Full-Stack vs MERN vs MEAN stack.

  • You must be ready with your project requirements and specific goals that you want to set for your project.
  • The project agility must be well-defined before you go for starting the development.
  • Make a habit of creating applications far beyond expectations to meet specific needs.
  • Above all, the essential thing you need to consider is the development cost for your application.

It’s time to start the discussion on the Full-Stack vs MERN vs MEAN stack war per your project requirements, and I hope you select the best one for your web and mobile app development process.

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Essential Factors To Consider For Selecting the Perfect Stack

If you’re planning to move ahead with the selection of the right tech stack for your project needs, I must say that you must question yourself about the following:

  • What are the project requirements that you’ve set up?
  • Do you want project agility to be adequately maintained?
  • Have you ever planned about meeting or exceeding your project requirements to get a better audience?
  • Is Your team passionate and knowledgeable in the field?
  • Have you ever decided about your development team’s scalability and flexibility?
  • What is the final cost of development?

Once you’ve answered such questions, it will be easier for you to design and build web apps for your business needs. So now, let’s focus on the detailed information about Full-Stack vs MERN vs MEAN stack.

What is a Full-Stack Development?

As the name suggests, full-stack development involves developing applications using front-end development and back-end development technologies.

Let’s make it simple; a full-stack development includes

  • Front End Technology: Angular, React, Vue, Vite, JavaScript, TypeScript
  • Back End Development Languages: Node.js, ExpressJS, PHP, Django
  • Version Controlling Systems: Git, CI/CD
  • Server: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Apache
  • Database: MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB, Clusters, and many more.

If you’re planning to hire a full-stack web developer, it becomes pretty easy for you to manage the project design structure for your business needs. And as we are talking about MERN vs MEAN stack, the development process includes identifying errors and offering solutions across different web application architecture streams.

Full-stack development is the perfect option for small and mid-sized enterprises dealing with different project needs.

Advantages of Using Full-Stack Development

After exploring the basic information on full-stack development, it’s time to explore the leading advantages of using a full-stack development process for your business needs.

  1. Saves Your Time and Money

    If you’re dealing with full-stack development, you obviously can work with both front-end and back-end technologies. So, you can quickly build web and mobile applications as it allows you to:

    • Perform troubleshooting faster
    • Make changes as per your own irrespective of any dependencies
    • Help improve development efficiency and regularly optimize app workflow
    • Eliminate the need for multiple development teams to work on the same project task

    So what are you waiting for? Consult the best full-stack developers from a reputed full-stack development company to ask for the best possible web and mobile app solutions.

  2. Increased Application Efficiency

    Full-stack development allows you to create and deploy applications more quickly and easily. With its enhanced application efficiency feature, you can quickly save time and money and, most importantly, be more competitive in the marketplace.

    You can maintain the project agility by developing applications using a full-stack development process. In simple words, we can say that you can adapt to changes in the marketplace and respond to new opportunities.

    So, full-stack development is the best option for you if you want to gain a competitive advantage over your competitors.

  3. Improved Scalability

    Full-stack development helps you improve the application scalability as it allows you to quickly handle increased loads or traffic without making primary changes to your business applications.

    Application scalability plays an essential role by ensuring that you can efficiently deal with customers’ needs as and when the business grows on a large scale.

    Full-stack development provides a robust and flexible architecture that plays an essential role in improving the application scalability to a great extent. So, this type of development helps you easily add new features and functionality to your system as needed.

  4. Quicker Time to Market

    Full-stack development helps your business to launch products more quickly, and it can be a boon for you to be among the top in this competitive market.

    Moreover, full-stack development aids you in reducing the time spent on your development practices and frees up time and resources so businesses can focus on other areas of their business.

  5. Improved Customer Experience

    Full-stack development is one of the best options, as it helps you create more user-friendly and robust applications per your business needs. Moreover, full-stack development services help you gain a significant advantage in enhancing customer experience on a large scale.

    It is the perfect option for full-stack developers to build seamless experiences across all channels and devices and ensure that features are properly implemented and optimised.

    And the good part is that only a single team can efficiently maintain it for the entire software development lifecycle. In addition, it leads to a more efficient and user-friendly product or service for your business needs.

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What is MERN Stack Development?

MERN is one of the most popular JavaScript stacks that is specifically used for the development process for your business application. In simple words, the MERN stack combines leading technologies for designing and building robust web apps for your business needs.

Again, like full-stack development, you can quickly develop MERN stack applications using various frameworks, databases, libraries, and more.

Well Structure 3 Tier Architecture of Mern Stack

Three Tier Architecture of Mern Stack

MERN Stack typically comprises the following technologies for building web app solutions.

  • MongoDB: It’s a database that is completely open-source and document-based.
  • Express.js: It’s a quick and responsive web framework specifically used for Node.js.
  • React: A frontend JavaScript library that is explicitly used for building user interfaces
  • Node.js: It is a JavaScript runtime and brings it to the server.

The good part of the MERN stack is that it helps you provide end-to-end framework support to developers.

However, there exist many similarities between the MEAN stack vs MERN stack. For example, the MEAN stack uses Angular development tools for building front-end web apps. On the other hand, the MERN stack uses React instead.

I am happy to share that Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, DropBox, and Netflix are the most popular websites and mobile apps built with MERN Stack technology.

Advantages of Using MERN Stack Development

Now, let’s highlight the advantages of MERN stack development that will be beneficial for both the developers and businesses to make a huge success.

  1. MVC

    MERN stack typically supports Model-view-Controller architecture to handle specific development aspects of an application. Therefore, it’s the best option for web developers to build web applications for your business needs.

    MVC is one of the most frequently used industry-standard web development frameworks for creating purely scalable and extensible applications.

  2. Full-stack

    MERN stack technology has no context-switching scenario. It means you can quickly use highly compatible and robust technologies to make responsive web apps for your business.

    In addition, the MERN stack terminology allows you to work together and efficiently handle client and server-side development faster.

  3. Easy Learning Curve

    To build web applications using MERN stack technologies, it is optional that you need to learn heavy programming language. Instead, you must have only basic knowledge of JavaScript technology and JSON to grab its advantages for developing web apps for your business needs.

  4. Code Maintenance

    If you create applications using MERN stack development, maintaining code and bug fixing makes it a cost-effective option for your business requirements. In addition, it also comes with powerful testing tools.

  5. Strong Community

    If you are using leading apps like Airbnb, Facebook, Netflix, and Instagram, you’ll come across multiple technology stacks that support community support that ensures the best possible web app solutions.

  6. Flexibility

    Apart from the already mentioned benefits, the tech stack’s components are open source, hence no licensing disputes. Furthermore, with the popularity of the tech stack, you get multiple options to get the web application developed.

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What is a MEAN Stack Development?

MEAN Stack is another technology that uses a combination of different JavaScript-based technologies, making it easy for you to develop complicated websites and web applications. And the good part is that the application can be progressive and responsive.

The full form of MEAN Stack is MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js, and Node.js. The primary goal of the MEAN stack is to simplify development and enhance the process to a great extent.

Three Tier Architecture of Mean Stack

One of the most widely used frameworks for developing robust web apps for almost all industries is the MEAN stack. And I talk about MEAN stack, being a developer. In that case, it plays a vital role in developing web apps, websites, and APIs that are completely deployed easily and solve complex development challenges.

You’ll be surprised to know that prominent and leading companies like Shutterstock, Tumblr, Forbes, YouTube, Flick, and PayTm have developed mobile apps using the MEAN stack.

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Advantages of Using MEAN Stack Development

After discussing what is MEAN stack development, it’s time to focus on the great advantages of using MEAN stack development.

  1. Ease in Communication Between Client and Server

    If I talk about the developer’s perspectives, MEAN Stack development helps you design and build web applications using only a single language. A JavaScript developer can efficiently execute projects by strongly using the robust MEAN Stack formula application.

    In addition, it becomes easy for you to easily deploy web and mobile applications immediately on a server, avoiding deployment to a standalone server first.

  2. Simple Solution

    With the help of MEAN Stack development solutions, you can efficiently create a simple and open-source solution for your business needs. You just need to have a basic knowledge of JavaScript, and you’re good to go with developing scalable and secure web apps using the MEAN stack.

  3. Open Source Components

    The components play an essential role in developing any web app for almost all business verticals. And the good part of the MEAN stack development is that the components are entirely 100% open-source and free to use.

    So why wait for more? Use MEAN stack as your primary technology for designing and building robust web app solutions for your business needs.

  4. Cost-Effective

    MEAN Stack is the best option for multiple businesses to create web and mobile apps. As stated earlier, dealing with the application components is all open-sourced and free, so there exists no cost involved in building your business websites.

    The only investment that you need to work on is hiring full-stack JavaScript developers from a reputed organization.

  5. Timer-Saving and Resourceful Tool

    In the MEAN stack development, the only thing that is important for building applications is dealing with the module libraries coming with Node.js development. The primary goal of such libraries is to help you prevent creating the modules from scratch.

    And being a JavaScript developer, I personally receive multiple notifications from the automatic testing feature. It allows you to deal with troubleshooting the problems that might come up with the developers during web application development.

  6. Maximum Flexibility

    MEAN Stack comes up with flexibility for both developers and businesses, which is essential during web application development. With the help of this great tech stack, you can easily build and add new parameters, especially while developing applications or during the post-development.

    Full-Stack vs MERN Stack vs MEAN Stack: The Comparison Table

    Third-Party SupportjQuery, LESS, and other supports are possible.You need to handle additional libraries to support similar requests.You’ll get multiple ready-to-use features

    Parameters Full-Stack MERN Stack MEAN Stack
    Application Scalability Medium High Medium
    App Architecture 3-Tier web application architecture Smooth UI Rendering You need to upgrade & manage code
    Application Security Level Medium Medium High
    App Productivity Better Low Better

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    Full Stack vs MEAN Stack vs MERN Stack: Who’s the ultimate winner?

    Generally speaking, all these three leading stack technologies are best on their way. And if I talk about selecting the best one for your business needs, it ultimately depends on your web and mobile app development and how you want to handle the project.

    Yes, it is challenging for you to invest in dedicated projects for the number of technology stacks available in the market. The best option is to consult a renowned full-stack development company that helps you choose the best MEAN stack developer or MERN stack developer.