Top 10 Angular Development Tools For Developers in 2023

The Angular framework has become a boon in building a dynamic web page for almost all business needs. However, as we all know, developing code is always a tedious task to do. Agreed?

AngularJS Developer is assisted with an efficient bundle of Angular developer tools to help every developer work efficiently within less time. Let’s go through some of the prominent Angular development tools available for Angular web application development ingeniously and efficiently.

10 Most Popular Angular Development Tools

Let’s highlight some of the best Angular developer tools that make it easy for Angular developers to do coding smoothly.

  1. Karma

    Karma Angular Development Tool
    Karma is considered one of the leading angular tools that are a boon for Angular developers to test AngularJS codes in a real-time environment without any hassles.

    This QA, testing, and open-source framework allows developers to uncover potential flaws, defects, and glitches quickly and helps developers ease the testing task. The exciting part of this framework is that developers deploy Karma to test their products directly on actual devices and browsers.

    With its ‘on-ground testing’ capability, Karma is solely responsible for identifying potential issues, bugs, and glitches compared to a simulated/lab setting.

    Once the Angular developer runs a specific test in the browser, reports are generated in the CLI (Command Line Interface), giving steady criticism on each test’s status. Karma Angular developer tools is solely responsible for performing different tests like E2E testing, midway testing, unit testing, and so forth.

    Want to know more about the Angular frameworks in detail? Continue reading the article on what is Angular.

    Pros Cons
    Easy-to-use Angular developer tools for Angular development No Support for NodeJS testing
    Easily extensible No plugin for Eclipse (yet)
    You can easily deal with browser-based testing configuration and headless tests This Angular development tool has a steep learning curve.
    Provides the option of running clients/servers either separately or on the Development computer. You need to perform a full restart when any change in the plugin updates is done.

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  2. Jasmine

    Jasmine - Angular UI Development Tool
    The next in our list of Angular development tools is the Jasmine framework.The Jasmine framework is one such AngularJS development tools helps Angular team eliminate the need to rely on browsers or other JavaScript testing environments.

    Jasmine typically follows an easy-to-use syntax that brings convenience to the developers while writing and testing AngularJS codes. As a result, Jasmine works best while testing Node.js code and on websites or web pages that support Java script languages and Javascript runtimes, making Jasmine one of the primary Angular devtools.

    Jasmine is an open-source Angular development tool designed explicitly for testing and can run on any JavaScript-empowered stage.

    The Jasmine framework is solely responsible for dealing with both BDD (Behavior-Driven Development) and TDD (Test-Driven Development). Moreover, testing and debugging features become easy when you have these Angular development tools in your arsenal to easily create websites or web pages for your business.

    Pros Cons
    Complete transparency in using every library or framework of your choice. You’ll require plenty of configurations to work with this open-source platform.
    Jasmine’s community is quite big. You need to opt for an assertion library or a mocking framework before making use of the Jasmine framework.
    Quite easy to learn the Jasmine framework. The entire configuration process is a very challenging one.
    You’ll get a robust programming style and patterns as per your needs. Compared to other frameworks, it’s quite a heavy platform.
  3. Protractor

    Protractor -Angular UI Development tools.
    ProtractorOne of the best and most preferred AngularJS development tools and IDE created by Google and is an end-to-end testing framework is Protractor. It is specifically used for developing web applications, including testing and quickly runs on browsers.

    The Protactor typically conducts tests in real software and allows your tests to be automatically synchronized to the page. This software development tool supports Node.js, Mocha, Jasmine, and Selenium to deal with rapid development capabilities.

    Protractor stands out in the crowd of Angular JS testing frameworks because it can autonomously sync the web page being worked upon with the testing sessions as soon as the runtime ends. This offers a true-to-life testing ecosystem experience.

    Pros Cons
    Easy to write and manage page objects. It supports only javascript.
    It supports behaviour-driven frameworks like Jasmine, Mocha, Cucumber etc. It runs very well in the chrome browser. It doesn’t have much support on other browsers.
    Running automation script in multiple machine is achieved in an easy way in protractor. You’ll not find any robot class support in the Protractor framework.
  4. Webstorm

    Webstorm -Angular Development Tools
    Webstorm is the best Angular IDE many developers from AngularJS development company use regularly. Webstorm includes an Angular online editor and is typically compatible with leading technologies like Node.js, HTML, and CSS.

    This IDE for AngularJS is one of the most-popular Angular development IDE and is considered an intelligent code editor, making it a suitable choice for developers to work efficiently. In addition, Webstorm is considered to be the best IDE for AngularJS development and offers innovative coding options including better source code management to AngularJS developers with great navigation angular tools and error-detecting unique features.

    Pros Cons
    All the bug-related updates are available to you frequently for improving the app performance. Performance – it’s pretty resource-hungry.
    Fast and efficient. A full restart of the Angular IDE is mandatory for every plugin update.
    This Angular development tool comes up with great JavaScript support (Web + NodeJS) Initially, it will take some time for the app startup & will load the whole project.

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  5. Mocha.js

    Mocha- Best Angular Development Tool
    Mocha.js is a testing framework with impressive features for performing asynchronous testing. Its active support in browser and Node.js includes a profound interface that can intuitively test code for synchronous and asynchronous.

    It is considered one of the top-rated Angular development tools many developers use to perform tests in sequential order. Moreover, it allows the developers to provide complete customization option and fair reporting while mapping unidentified issues to their relevant test cases.

    This JS considers nonconcurrent testing for reporting and planning and makes it adaptable for accuracy.

    Pros Cons
    Mocha.js is an Angular development that has a clear and simple API. Tests cannot run in random order.
    You can use an assertion library that is solely responsible for throwing exceptions on failure. Mocha.js is a tool that allows the use of any assertion library.
    This Angular development tool comes up with BDD-oriented or TDD-oriented business functions. No auto mocking or snapshot testing.
    With the help of this Angular development tool, asynchronous testing is very simple. It requires deep configuration.
  6. Angular Kickstart

    Angular-KickStartbest -Angular Development Tool
    The primary use of Angular developer tools is to make Angular applications faster. In addition, it helps the Angular developers for hire automate the development process easier during the entire Angular application development.

    Its easy-to-use interface makes Angular Kickstart the top-rated Angular development tool. As a result, the developers can efficiently deal with the quick gratifications of all the essential business requirements.

    Angular Kickstart is one such Angular development tool that for enhancing the pace of development process initiative by bringing together Gulp JS, Bower, and Angular JS to increase the speeds of your Angular JS development endeavour.

    Not only does Angular speed up the development process its modular structure also caches code to make it reusable, thus easing development process even further.

    Pros Cons
    Angular Kickstart is one such Angular development tool that brings a clear and simple API for AngularJS development. The testing process becomes challenging for the developers and that’s what makes the long development process.
    You can quickly address all bugs due to subsequent updates of the product. You’ll need a full IDE restart for plugin updates.
    Communication with the server becomes easier with this Angular development tool. It runs very well in the chrome browser and not on other browsers.
  7. Angular Fire

    Angular Fire The Angular Development Tools
    Angular Fire is a backend development tool that fosters dynamic API features, 3-way data binding, and superior development capacity.

    This impressive AngularJS developer tool provides developers with flexible API and 3-way data binding with additional development capabilities to ease development. This helps to develop the web app back end of your Angular projects quickly.

    Angular Fire facilitates dynamic API features and superior development capacity that efficiently manages everything ranging from binary data files like images, videos, and blobs to synchronized real-time binding files.

    Pros Cons
    There are well-established good practices and patterns to follow when one uses Angular Fire. Angular Fire is one such Angular development tool that has a very steep learning curve.
    make beautiful and remarkable works through which, we can then test your business web applications simply. Testing in a Development Environment does get confusing why deployment takes long.
    Easy to use and easy to maintain. You’ll come across multiple challenges like loss of $watch, observables, $emit,$broadcast and $on.
    This Angular development tool is the best option for UX, it is easy and information loads. With the need of a bigger app for your needs, you’ll require more resources and of course, the app performance will get affected too.

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  8. Djangular

    Djangular- Angular Development IDE
    Djangular is an Angular development tool that allows developers to create content explicitly using Djangular per application.

    In simple words, Djangular provides a reusable app that offers better app integration with AngularJS. As a result, the developers can efficiently find it easy to use Angular apps per site. Moreover, they can even create a consistent structure across all of your Django apps.

    One of the features of DJangular is that it offers namespacing AngularJS content and a flexible framework, including Angular components libraries.

    Pros Cons
    Allows namespacing AngularJS content per Django app. You’ll require plenty of configurations to work with this platform.
    This Angular development tool allows the AngularJS apps and modules to be included (or not) based on Django’s settings. Compared to other frameworks, it’s quite a heavy open-source platform.
    Includes an AngularJS module that includes a subset of features similar to Django. the end-to-end testing is quite confusing as it might take a long time to deal with the entire deployment process.
    This AngularJS tool allows you to efficiently include a patch to AngularJS’s $resource module directly to enable end-of-URL slashes as per the requirements of Django framework. With the need of a bigger app for your needs, you’ll require more resources and of course, the app performance will get affected too.

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  9. Rest-angular

    It is one of the essential Angular material tools for developers to deal with large data consumption from REST API. The primary responsibility of the Rest-Angular tool is to utilize the web application information directly from the RESTful API.

    It simplifies standard GET, POST, DELETE, and UPDATES requests and requires minimum client code.

    Pros Cons
    This Rest-Angular tool allows you to use HttpClient API to handle the HTTP requests. Components in your application are not allowed to fetch or save data directly to your application.
    Communication with the server becomes easier with this Angular development tool. The testing process is quite confusing as it might take a long time to deal with the entire deployment process.

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  10. NG-Inspector

    NG Inspector -Angular Development IDE
    Ng-inspector is an impressive tool that enables browsers with an inspector pane that helps Angular developers to develop, debug, and understand Angular applications quickly.

    With the help of this innovative tool, developers find it easy to deal with scopes by utilizing controllers and directives for Angular applications.

    NG-Inspector is nothing but an extension for Safari and Google Chrome. Moreover, the developers can distinguish each display scope faster by utilizing Directives and Controllers. Finally, it can add an auditor sheet to the browser to help in the development phase, troubleshooting, and grasping the AngularJS applications.

    Pros Cons
    Browser extension for Chrome, Safari and Firefox. With the need of a bigger app for your needs, you’ll require more resources and of course, the AngularJS applications performance will get affected too.
    This Angular development tool plays an essential role to develop, debug and understand your AngularJS applications. Ng-inspector is a tool that takes a while to start up and load the entire project.
    You can easily see the whole scope hierarchy in your AngularJS application. Ng-inspector is a tool that takes a while to start up and load the entire Angular app projects.
    As you mouse over the scopes in the pane, their DOM nodes are highlighted on the page. You’ll need a full Angular IDE restart for plugin updates.

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So, we have seen the list of top AngularJS development tools or we can say Angular Dev tools that helps software developers to deal with web app development smoothly.

Angular development is the best option to make web apps faster by integrating seamless features and functionalities. So, if you are planning to build a new web app or Angular application, the perfect option is to hire an AngularJS developer proficient in web development that help you deal with the best Angular developer tools.

At Albiorix, we have a large pool of talented and experienced AngularJS developers who helps you in building a dynamic app to streamline your Angular JS project objectives using a streamlined Angular JS development environment.