7 Key Reasons To Choose Angular for Mobile App Development Project

Nowadays, you’ll come across a list of mobile app development languages and also robust frameworks for making the development process much smoother.

Angular is one of the leading open-source front-end development frameworks that primarily focuses on single-page applications. And guess what, Angular plays a vital role in developing mobile apps for your business requirements. So, you’ll ask me, a big WHY?

We’ve gathered a list of top reasons to select Angular for mobile app development for your business needs.

What is Angular?

Angular is one of the best Typescript-based frameworks that plays an essential role in building robust web apps like PayPal, Netflix, and many other websites built using the Angular framework.

The Angular framework is a user-interactive platform that makes it a simplified process to design and build web and angular mobile app for your business. In addition, the framework plays an important role in dealing with front-end development.

Do you know that there are around 2,439,149 downloads of the Angular framework for November 2022? This number is constantly increasing on an hourly basis.

Now let’s explore the top reasons to use Angular for mobile app development for your business requirements.

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Top 7 Reasons For Using Angular for Mobile App Development

The Angular framework plays an essential role in developing mobile applications for your business needs. I hope you’re now clear with the concept of what is Angular. You can avail the benefits of using AngularJS for mobile app development process for various different reasons, as depicted below.

  1. Angular is Pretty Easy to Use For Developing Mobile Apps

    AngularJS is the most popular framework for web and mobile app development. It does not require any specific or advanced tools for creating feature-rich and industry-best mobile app solutions for your business needs.

    You’ll come across many JavaScript frameworks that will help you build robust mobile app solutions for your needs, but AngularJS is equipped with less code. Obviously, it’s going to save more time and effort for AngularJS developers.

  2. Angular Strictly Supports Code Reusability

    If you have written the code in the Angular framework, you can efficiently use it in other mobile app development processes. Quite interesting?

    In simple words, we can say that you can code for one mobile technology and reuse the same code with the other technology.

    It’s one of the best and most unique features of the Angular framework. And that’s what makes the possible reason for you to select the framework that works for Android and iOS applications.

    Angular codes are entirely flexible, and their proper implementation can be efficiently done anywhere per your business requirement for mobile application development.

    The most exciting part of the Angular framework is that you can efficiently implement mobile apps for your business needs. Moreover, this framework is solely responsible for giving interactive touch to the codes to make your app’s user interface world-class.

    In the Angular Talks March 2022, Haim Agami – Turjeman shared his expert opinion on how to automate the development process to ensure code maintainability.

  3. Supports Fewer Code and Inspiring Declarative Features

    Angular is one such robust framework that typically requires fewer codes to accomplish the mobile app development process for your business needs. So, it is amongst the most sought software used for mobile apps.

    Moreover, you’ll come across multiple libraries that you can quickly implement in AngularJS development services that you can use as declarative code.

    So, you can eventually make use of the software to grab the advantages of various libraries while developing a robust and highly-efficient mobile application. And if you ask me, as a developer, Angular is the most-preferred framework to deal with a stress-free coding experience.

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  4. Angular Application Architecture

    For Angular, mobile app development process typically uses both MVVM and MVC architectures. With the help of this powerful front-end framework, you can efficiently perform the integration of varied features in your business applications.

    It primarily depends on your business requirements and how you should opt for the best application architecture. However, you must ensure that your selected architecture must be helpful to you in developing a robust, efficient, secure, and feature-rich app.

    Angular application architecture is one inspiring reason that could help you achieve the desired level of flawlessness. You should hire AngularJS developers from a reputed organization where you can fulfil all your needs with the right set of skills.

  5. Angular’s Big Community Support To Help You Out

    Angular is an open-source and typescript-based platform with extensive customer support. You can easily avail the support for any complexity you’ve achieved in your coding by simply troubleshooting the issue.

    Angular’s extensive community support is the best example for getting help for any business software solutions for your needs. So, if you’re stuck on any issue, visit the Angular community, and you’ll get instant support for your queries.

  6. Angular’s Data Binding Feature is Just Inspiring

    What’s the crucial factor that makes the mobile app development process more efficient with Angular? It’s a data-binding process and plays a vital role in designing and developing a powerful mobile app for your business needs.

    With the continuous evolution of trending technologies, it becomes essential for you to keep track of them. Otherwise, it would help if you were ready for a further upgrade.

    Data binding is entirely dependent on various Angular’s in-built libraries. So, it would help if you had a proper understanding of such libraries and frameworks to make your AngularJS Development Services more accessible, as expected.

  7. High-Performance Ranking For Your Mobile App

    Angular is a typescript-based framework that is well-known for building mobile apps which are efficient and supports next-gen features. Moreover, it is quite easy for you to develop applications right from the scratch and within a short period of time.

    Being one of the top-rated front-end development frameworks, Angular is solely responsible for making things easier with the Angular best Practices. Rather than dealing with the workflow’s complexity for the whole development team, this feature-rich platform offers well-established practices to accomplish results with less effort and more precision.

    The mobile applications developed using the Angular framework are highly performant and work smoothly as per your business needs.

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Mobile Apps You Can Build With Angular

Angular is a versatile framework that enables developers to create a wide range of angular mobile app. Some of the types of apps you can build with Angular include

  • Single Page Applications (SPA): Angular is widely known for its capabilities in building powerful and interactive SPAs. SPAs are web applications that load a single HTML page and dynamically update the content as the user interacts with the app, without the need to reload the entire page.
  • Enterprise Web Apps:Angular is a popular choice for developing enterprise-level web applications. These applications are typically large-scale, complex, and require robust features to handle various business processes.
  • Progressive Web Applications (PWA): Angular has extensive support for building Progressive Web Applications (PWA). PWAs are web applications that leverage modern web technologies to deliver app-like experiences to users. With Angular, developers can create PWAs that are responsive, reliable, and installable on users’ devices.
  • Server-side Rendered (SSR) Apps: Angular provides support for Server-side Rendering (SSR), also known as Angular Universal. SSR is a technique where the initial rendering of the web application is performed on the server, and the pre-rendered content is sent to the client.
  • Social Media Apps: Social media apps require real-time interactivity and dynamic content updates. Angular’s ability to create Single Page Applications (SPAs) with two-way data binding makes it well-suited for building responsive and interactive social media platforms.
  • E-commerce Apps: E-commerce apps demand a smooth user interface and efficient handling of product catalogs, shopping carts, and payment processing. Angular’s features, such as client-side routing, forms handling, and dependency injection, make it an excellent choice for building feature-rich e-commerce applications.
  • Business Productivity Apps: Business productivity apps often involve data manipulation, analytics, and collaboration features. Angular’s robust data binding and built-in directives enable developers to create data-driven applications that update in real-time, helping users stay productive.
  • Gaming Apps: While Angular is not primarily designed for gaming applications, it can still be used for certain aspects of game development. For instance, Angular can be used to create the frontend user interface of a gaming app, displaying game menus, user profiles, and settings.

Industry-Based angular Mobile App Development

Angular has been adopted by various industries for mobile and web app development due to its robust features and benefits. Some prominent examples angular for mobile and web include

  • Banking and Finance: Major financial institutions use Angular for secure and reliable online banking platforms.
  • Education: Educational institutions leverage Angular to create e-learning portals and interactive learning applications.
  • Entertainment: Media and entertainment companies adopt Angular to build content streaming and distribution platforms.
  • Real Estate: Angular is used to develop property listing and real estate management applications.
  • Transportation: Logistics and transportation companies rely on Angular for tracking and fleet management apps.
  • Health and Fitness: Fitness centers and health-related startups utilize Angular to create personalized health tracking apps.

Who Uses Angular?

Angular is widely adopted by organizations of varying sizes across the globe. Some notable companies and projects that use Angular include. You’ll see best websites Using Angular framework

  • Google: As the creator of Angular, Google implements the framework in numerous products and internal tools.
  • Microsoft: Microsoft employs Angular in its applications and platforms to deliver seamless user experiences.
  • IBM: IBM uses Angular for developing enterprise-grade web and mobile applications.
  • Forbes: The popular media company utilizes Angular for its web and mobile platforms to engage readers.
  • Upwork: The freelancing platform leverages Angular for its responsive and interactive interface.
  • WhatsApp Web: The web version of WhatsApp is built with Angular, providing users with browser-based access to their messages.


Searching for the perfect development tool for building mobile apps in this competitive technological world is complex. But after analyzing this entire article, Angular is the best framework we can consider a winner of the mobile app development process.

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