Why We Use Angular? 15 Reasons to Use Angular For Web Development in 2023

Angular is one of the leading front-end frameworks used explicitly for developing single-page applications. However, Angular is not just a limited framework; it comes up with a bundle of benefits that helps developers and business owners make websites secure and robust.

In this technological and advanced world, the concept of web application development is now taking a giant leap. Moreover, the user experience is essential for the developers to take care of. 

Compared to other front-end frameworks, Angular is one such framework that has multiple options and a great developer community that is improving daily. In this article, you’ll come across the basic concept of why we use Angular for web application development.

What is Angular Programming?

Angular is a framework that utilizes JavaScript-based TypeScript programming language. In 2010, the Angular developer community initiated the framework. If we talk about the history of Angular, AngularJS is the first version. While version 2+ is known by the name Angular rather than AngularJS.

AngularJS and Angular are both frameworks designed explicitly for designing and building robust web applications for your business needs. However, there exist differences between Angular vs. AngularJS.

An Angular Universal program is a community-driven program to enlarge the core API from Angular to assist any developer in performing this rendering of Angular apps in diverse situations. Before we start to understand the concept of “Why we use Angular?”, we need to understand the basics of the Angular framework.

What is Angular?

Angular, a framework and platform written explicitly in TypeScript, is used for building SPAs employing TypeScript and HTML template language.

In technical words, Angular utilizes optional and principal functionality by collectively using TypeScript libraries and resources. The architecture relies on specific essential Angular concepts.

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Top 15 Reasons To Use Angular For Web Application Development

After exploring the concept of what is Angular,  we can say for sure that Angular is a framework that is beneficial to you in different ways. If you ask me, why we use Angular, the following parameters depict the best reason for using Angular for web app development.

Reasons To Use Angular For Web Application

  1. Two-way Data Binding

    As compared to other front-end frameworks, Angular is one such framework that provides a two-way data binding approach. With this approach, once the Angular developers make any changes to the View, the data automatically gets updated and vice versa.

    Data binding in Angular applications is essential as the developers need not worry about keeping track of the variables—angular handles such processes, making the development and testing more straightforward.

  2. Streamlined MVC Architecture

    Angular typically follows a well-defined structure that makes it easy for developers to develop Angular applications from scratch. In addition, angular utilizes MVC architecture to make it easier for developers to deal with web application development.

    Angular framework separates the model from the view and brings convenience to the developers to perform data binding. Moreover, the framework is the best option for developing large and complex projects.

    With its MVC approach, the developers can quickly deal with various parts of an application, making development and testing much more accessible.

  3. Quick App Loading

    The Angular community has considered the application performance in mind before making its official launch. As a result, it’s fast and efficient, making it an excellent choice for high website traffic.

    The Angular framework is an excellent selection for public-facing websites. In addition, angular’s performance optimizations make it ideal for high-traffic websites.

  4. SEO-Friendly Framework

    After deploying the web application, what’s the next step that business owners need to perform? It’s increasing the user traffic on the website.

    To make it easy for them, Angular is an SEO-friendly framework. So, you do not need to worry about website ranking on search engines.

    With its built-in SEO features, you can efficiently improve the performance of your business website.

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  5. Faster Development

    With its two-way data binding and simplified MVC approach, the Angular framework is the perfect choice for web application development. Moreover, it is solely responsible for enhancing the development speed of Angular applications.

    Angular coding is relatively simple and easy to understand, making the speedy development process. It is the perfect choice for the developers who are explicitly working with deadlines or need to release the website quickly — since you can do it more rapidly with Angular.

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  6. Directives

    Directives, the essential aspect of Angular applications, are nothing but a simple extension to HTML. Directives make it easy for developers to design and build web applications with minimized codes.

  7. Gives Structure to Your App

    Angular is a framework that typically follows a well-defined coding structure for your application. Therefore, it is beneficial for developers to perform clean coding for the entire Angular application efficiently.

    The Angular framework is the best alternative for large projects. Angular’s structure makes it easier to work on and maintain larger projects.

    Backed by Google, Angular has a large developer community that strives to provide the perfect solution for all your Angular application needs. So, if you ever get stuck in the project development process, you can easily find help online to develop a leading website.

  8. Templates

    Angular templates make it easy for Angular developers to design and build web applications for your business needs. Templates include HTML, JavaScript, and CSS pre-compiled into the framework for you.

    Managing your project’s resources becomes relatively easy when dealing with the Angular framework.

  9. Angular Testing

    The AngularJS frameworks is equipped with enterprise-level testing functionality. As a result, it is the preferred choice for large and high-performance web applications. This angular feature has become a boon for many developers as it allows them to perform various unit and integration tests efficiently.

    Moreover, the Angular testing approach is the best option for you if you are specifically working on deadlines or need to release your business website quickly — since you can do it more rapidly with Angular.

  10.   Improved Flexibility

    Angular comes up with improved flexibility functionality, making it an excellent choice for developers to deal with large applications efficiently. Angular uses JavaScript and HTML to create single-page apps that can be easily updated without reloading the entire web page.

    It is valuable because you don’t have to worry about refreshing your browser whenever you change your code — the changes will automatically be updated on the page.

  11.  Client-Side Solution

    The Angular framework typically follows a client-side solution approach. With the help of this approach, the developers can easily design and build web applications per the business needs.

    In simple words, we can say that the entire Angular code runs on the user’s computer instead of on the server. Therefore, it will make Angular a good choice if you want more control over the project and its functions.

  12.  Supported by Google

    The exciting part of the Angular framework is that Google supports it. With its active support for Long-Term Support (LTS), Angular makes it easy for the developers to scale up enterprise-based application development.

    Do you know that big brands like Netflix, Gmail, YouTube TV, Upwork and others use the Angular framework?

  13.  Angular Material

    With the help of Angular Material, the developers can easily create and integrate User Interface (UI) components with different element compilations. Moreover, the developers can use such Angular material to deal with various reusable and customized UI components like Cards, Inputs, Data Tables, Datepickers, and much more.

  14.  Multiple Filters

    Angular has various filters available for developers that can help them to provide a clean and efficient way to organize your project. In addition, Angular is the best choice for developers to deal with multiple views without complexities.

    The developers can easily manage the Angular application with multiple views as it provides an effective system for filtering data to the right place.

  15.  Inbuilt CLI

    Angular is framed with an inbuilt command-line interface (CLI), making it easy for developers to initialize new projects.

    Angular CLI makes the work more accessible for the developers to build new applications irrespective of setting up the entire project from scratch. Just give the command “ng new”, and you are ready to start with a new project within a few seconds.

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Why Angular is the Best For Building Web App Development?

Angular is the preferred choice for both business owners as well as developers. Business owners can easily enhance the performance of their business websites. On the other hand, developers find it convenient in designing and building web applications.

Moreover, the Angular framework is solely responsible for loading web apps faster as compared to other front-end frameworks. To develop a robust and secure web application for your business needs, you must consult an AngularJS development company where you can even hire Angular developers.